Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Graduation Charmer

Custom work: Flattering and scary.
My coworker asked if I could put together a fun necklace to celebrate her younger sister's graduation from high school. (Of couuuuurrrse, I said confidently!) Armed with school colors, birthstone, metal preference, a special quote, favorite symbols-- (hearts and stars) and a favorite activity (band/music), I jumped right in and started forging some silver. Second guessing myself, my artistic vision, my meager skills, and my coworker's choice in designers the entire time, I hammered away. Somehow  a pretty nice textured sterling ring, several chunky jump rings, and a handful of balled up headpins appeared. Huh. Ok. Maybe I can do this...

Next step, begin to pull together the charms. I cut, textured and stamped the year, wrapped a birthstone dangle, made a silver music note charm from 1940's sheet music, and filled a "message in a bottle" charm with her requested lyric and German glass glitter. Finally shushing the negative voices in my head, I found the zone, and rendered a pretty nice collection of charms that were meaningful to my co-worker and her sister.

I was really concerned that my customer and her sister wouldn't like it-- that it may have been my vision, but it wasn't theirs. In the end, I knew I had done my best to incorporate what my customer requested, and I did it genuinely.  I was alright with that. More than alright-- I was flat out pleased with it. Happily, my customer came to my desk yesterday and told me how much her sister loved the necklace, all the thought and detail that went into it, and that each hand-made charm really captured something important to her. Music to my ears!


  1. Of course she loved it, it's beautiful!

  2. Thanks! I had fun with it and I'm just glad she will too. :)

  3. I love all the custom charms you made.

    It is scary to take on custom orders, but so very rewarding when it works out!

    1. Thanks, Michelle. Yes, it was both-- expressing someone else's vision or feelings through my own hands and into a gift is a challenge that I'm not sure I understood at the outset. But I was very happy to have the opportunity to experience it.

  4. Congrats on a Super job. Well,well done!!!

  5. That is lovely and so sentimental!

  6. Such a lovely idea! The charms are simply charming :)