Sunday, June 24, 2012

Art Fair!

Just a few photos of my booth from Kalamazoo's Art in the Park yesterday. It was a great experience, we had beautiful weather, and I learned a whole lot. More on lessons learned another day-- here are some pics!

All set up, and sweet Amelia's at her pendant station.

Displays are muslin covered wire dress forms, serving tray, antique glove mold,
 old boards and windows. Great window display idea from Lorelei's Blog.

Fused agate glass on an old window, and my $5 flea market pink mirror-- That's authentic "old" all over that thing, not fake "old." ;) Also, it's just fun to take photos of teenagers that don't want to be photographed.

Necklaces on whitewashed boards-- another great idea picked up on Pinterest from this tashamck's flickr stream.

Dear friend and style maven Gayle stopped by to say hello. :)

That's it for now---still have unpacking to do. 
What are some of your Art Fair lessons learned?

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  1. Look what I have found! Your new business! Congratulations Jenna! It looks fantastic- hope to see in person someday! So happy for you! Anne